My research

aims at analyzing the impact of messages of science denialism on individual’s health decision-making as well as designing interventions to reduce its influence.

Science denialism is an approach that has the ultimate goal of rejecting a proposition on which a scientific consensus exists. In the age of mass media science denialism has multiplied its reach and availability, which threatens the acceptance and lifesaving use of health-treatments and prevention behavior – e.g. HIV-treatments or vaccines. Deniers use different techniques, such as conspiracy theories or false logic, to promote their messages of science denial.

In order to understand the influence of these messages on individuals’ health decision-making I apply an empirical judgment and decision-making perspective. Furthermore, I use literature from the areas of debunking, inoculation and rebuttal to design and test promising interventions. I aim at generating basic research results, which are applicable for recommendations and guidelines for health authorities.

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Featured publication

Schmid, P., & Betsch, C. (2019). Effective strategies for rebutting science denialism in public discussions. Nature Human Behaviour, doi: 10.1038/s41562-019-0632-4

Upcoming next talk

Schmid, P. (2020). Effective Strategies to Counter Science Denialism in Public. WHO ad-hoc technical consultation on managing the COVID-19 infodemic, Geneva (Switzerland and online)

Research interests

Psychology and health decision-making
Misinformation, Disinformation
Debunking, Inoculation, Rebuttal
Science denialism
Risk perception
Vaccine hesitancy

Ad hoc reviewer

Medical Decision Making (MDM)
Social Science & Medicine
Environmental Psychology
American Journal of Public Health

Curriculum vitae

A full CV can be downloaded here. The most updated lists of publications and talks are presented on this homepage.


University of Erfurt Profile
Center of Empirical Research in Economics and Behavioral Sciences CEREB
Media and Communication Science – Psychology and Infectious Diseases Lab PIDI
Member of the University of Erfurt network GENIA

Current position

Interim lecturer for statistics and methods at the Department of Psychology University of Erfurt